The impact of branded school gear on school spirit and community

  • Feb 18, 2023

Get into the School Spirit!


In many schools, there is a sense of pride and community spirit that unites students, teachers, and staff. School pride is an essential ingredient in creating a positive school culture and environment that fosters learning, socialization, and overall well-being. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, “high school students with ‘school spirit’ perform better academically, are more engaged in social and civic matters, and are happier in general than their less-spirited peers.


One of the most effective ways to enhance school spirit is through branded school gear. This includes items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, backpacks, water bottles, fidget toys and other accessories that are customized with the school's name, logo, or colors. These items are not only functional but also serve as a visual representation of the school's identity and culture. When students wear branded school gear, they feel a sense of belonging and pride in their school, which can positively impact their overall school experience.

Foster a sense of unity


Branded school gear can help foster a sense of unity among students. When students wear the same school t-shirts or sweatshirts, they instantly feel a sense of connection and belonging to a larger community. For instance, thousands of students travel each year to Oregon (the city), Illinois and spend time at the Lorado Taft Field Campus for outdoor education. It is a fantastic experience which creates memories that last a lifetime. Some schools use branded apparel to commemorate this, and when others – young or old – who have a shared experience see this, there is an instant bond!


There is a sense of unity which can lead to a positive school culture where students support each other and work together towards common goals. When students feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, they are more likely to engage in extracurricular activities and take pride in their academic achievements.



Creating a positive image


Branded school gear can help create a positive image of the school. When students wear their school's branded gear outside of school, they become walking advertisements for their school. This can help promote the school to the wider community and attract potential students and families. A positive image can also lead to increased support from the local community, which can translate into increased funding for the school and better resources for students.


There is also a strengthening of the bond between students and staff. When staff members wear branded gear, it sends a message to students that they are part of the same community and are invested in the success of the school. This can lead to stronger relationships between students and staff, which can positively impact student achievement and well-being.



How Promolocker can help with school spirit!


We love our students and educators, and we are here to help. By creating a sense of unity, promoting a positive image, and strengthening the bond between students and staff, branded school gear can help create a positive school culture that fosters learning, growth, and overall well-being.

Here are some ideas:


  • Graduation: this is a wonderful time for students, educators, and family alike. There is always cheering and applause, so why not supply the grads with hand clappers for the occasion? 
  • Upcoming events: whether you are getting ready for students to go on that annual class trip, or preparing for the end of the school year, Promolocker is your all-in-one source to put your school logo on any item. 
  • Fundraising: whether it is the parent teacher association/organization or the school itself, you can sell branded school gear to raise funds for that solar panel project for the roof, or to update the A/V equipment for the upcoming play 
  • Sports team uniforms: from Nike to Adidas, we can outfit any sports team from football to volleyball, soccer to cross country. We can even make custom athletic shoes! Just contact us for a quote!


If your school has not already invested in branded school gear, now is the time to consider doing so! 

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